How to show you want a Brexit deal delivered as soon as possible.

On 23 May, elections to the European Parliament take place. We didn’t want these elections, but Parliament has not yet approved a Brexit deal. The only way to avoid holding them is to back a deal and get on with Brexit.

If they do take place Voting Conservative will show that you want a Brexit deal delivered as soon as possible.

Why are these elections happening?

The UK voted to leave the European Union in the referendum three years ago, but Parliament has still not backed a deal to deliver on that. Unless it backs a deal before Thursday 23 May, the law says we need to take part in elections to the European Parliament on that date.

How can these elections be stopped?

If a majority of Members of Parliament (MPs) back a deal in time, we could cancel the elections and get on with leaving the European Union – and all the other important issues facing our country. 

Which MPs are preventing the deal from being done?

Almost 90% of Conservative MPs have voted to support a deal, plus 5 Labour MPs and 4 Independents – but that is not enough for a majority in the House of Commons. For a deal to pass, it needs the support of more than half of all MPs.

How can I tell my political representatives to get on with it?

If the European elections take place on 23 May, the only party which supports leaving the EU with a deal as soon as possible is the Conservative Party. 

Before then you can write to your MP to tell them to back a Brexit deal.

Check how your MP voted on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in Parliament here.

Tell your MP to back the deal

The only way to prevent the EU elections is to tell your MP to vote for the deal. Fill in your postcode to make sure your MP is with you.